New management Ambi Pack

With the passing of Remco, Ambi Pack also lost her CEO. Without wanting to replace Remco, we dó need to fulfill his position. Below you can read how this will take place. Do you have any questions? Please share them with us.

New management Ambi Pack

June 11, 2020

We would like to share our gratitude for the warm messages, kind words and nice memories you’ve shared with us after Remco passed away. This touched us deeply.

As our CEO, Remco was responsible for the daily management of our organization. He was an important link between the various departments and led the entire management team and a number of executive employees. With his background in banking, Remco kept a close eye on our operating results and was still in close contact with a number of customers and suppliers. The business strategy and (personnel) policy were always discussed intensively with owner Jan Tio and the other shareholders.

Jan Tio founded Ambi Pack in 1998. The other shareholders are Jan’s 3 daughters who have been working at Ambi Pack for years. In 2014 they purchased shares in the company and since the beginning of 2020 they have also been directors. Because all three daughters are closely associated with and have gained extensive experience within Ambi Pack, it has been decided that they will jointly fulfill the position of Remco. The three of them form the new board of Ambi Pack. Ellen as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Maaike as Chief Financial Officer (CFO, a position she has held since 2018) and Karin as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Jan remains involved as advisor.

By continuing to run Ambi Pack as family Tio, we can continue to propagate the values that we consider important and hold dear. We remain a true family business, with close involvement with our employees, customers, suppliers and other relations. We act openly, honestly and quickly. We aim for growth, continuity and quality. Do you have ideas about our cooperation? Would you like to get acquainted with the new board? We would be happy to receive you at our office at De Zelling 17 in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht or visit you (of course, taking the necessary COVID-19 measures into account).

Yours sincerely,

Jan Tio | General Advisor |
Ellen Tio | COO |
Maaike Brinkman-Tio | CFO |
Karin Tio | CCO |


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