Expansion machinery

We got off to a head start in 2015! The many orders have led to various investments: a new Cremer counting machine for filling capsules and tablets in jars, 3 new machines for applying labels in-line, a new induction seal machine and a new encapsulation machine.

Expansion machinery

May 2, 2015

The last couple of months have been extremely busy and as a result we unfortunately had a lack of time to update our news items. The more reason to give you a brief update of the recent developments.

We have started 2015 with an excellent first quarter, with fully occupied production- and packaging lines. To maintain a flexible partner with short lead times in these times of high occupancy rates, we invested heavily in our machinery.

In February we installed a new Cremer line for filling of jars. For the same department, there will be 3 new labeling machines and an induction seal machine delivered soon. Furthermore, before this summer our production facilities will be expanded with a brand new fully automatic capsulating machine. Later this year, we will also increase our blister capacity considerably by employing an additional Uhlmann blisterline.

As always, we are looking forward to your production and packaging orders!

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