Capsules as solid dosage form

Capsules offer many opportunities to present your product distinctively. Thanks to our extensive machine park and our close cooperation with renowned suppliers, we can always provide a solution that is suitable for your specific inquiry.

Capsules as solid dosage form

August 29 2017

Capsules are available in various sizes, from 4 (very small) up to 000 (very large). With our extensive machine park we are able to produce all these sizes. And logically, the larger the size, the more content the capsule can hold. A brief overview below.

Size 000 00EL 00 0EL 0 1 2 3 4
Content in ml 1,37 1,02 0,95 0,78 0,68 0,50 0,37 0,30 0,21
Powder density Capacity capsules in mg
0,6 g/ml 822 612 570 468 408 300 222 180 126
0,8 g/ml 1096 816 760 624 544 400 296 240 168
1,0 g/ml 1370 1020 950 780 680 500 370 300 210
1,2 g/ml 1644 1224 1140 936 816 600 444 360 252

EL = Elongated capsules. Please note these data are approximate. Contact us if you want to discuss the possibilities for your capsules.

By means of material choice, color and printing capsules are fully customizable tocreate your own look & feel. For example it is also possible to print a logo or band name on the capsules. Two widely used materials are gelatin and HPMC (vegetarian), but also the interest in pullulan – naturally fermented from tapioca – is increasing rapidly. And also in the field of gelatin progress has been made by offering Kosher and Halal (bovine) certified capsules.

For formulations specifically requesting delayed release or for instance an enteric release profile, DR (Delayed Release) of AR (Acid Resistant) provide an outcome. In addition to powder we can also fill capsules with granules, pellets or combinations thereof (s0-called layered capsules). Each type of product has its own specific challenges and with us you can benefit from over 20 years of experience.

In short: many possibilities. Interested in receiving a quote for your specific capsules? Please contact our sales department at

You may also like to try the ‘Build Your Own Capsule‘ app that Capsugel introduced. A login is required.


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