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Expansion machine park

A new Promatic P 91 cartoning machine offers ample capacity for large orders as well as sufficient flexibility to efficiently process smaller runs.


Expansion machine park

April 24, 2012

Ambi Pack keeps investing; this time in a new cartoning machine, of the brand Promatic (owned by the company Romaco). Being a flexible co-packer, it’s very important to us that we can easily and efficiently convert the machine for different types and sizes of orders.

The Promatic cartoning machine supports this purpose and offers us more packaging capacity. Also, with the Promatic cartoning machine we can process a great variety of box types and corresponding content. Ambi Pack thus stays – also in cartoning – very flexible!

We expect the new Promatic cartoning machine in July 2012.



Uitbreiding machinepark

24 april 2012

Ambi Pack nieuws; Uitbreiding machinepark Een nieuwe Promatic P 91 kartonneermachine biedt voldoende capaciteit voor grote orders én flexibiliteit om ook kleinere runs efficiënt te kunnen verwerken. Uitbreiding machinepark 24