Ambi Pack will package your pharmaceutical products with the utmost care. Fast, efficiently, and in any required batch size. This way, you always get the quantity you need to meet market demand.

Primary and secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products

In Ambi Pack, you have one single partner that will package your pharmaceutical products entirely to your specifications and in compliance with the most stringent rules. We are GMP-certified for primary packaging of solid dosage forms in blister packs, jars, and sachets.

And we can also take care of all kinds of secondary packaging. Medical blisters, sachets, jars, as well as tubes and syringes filled elsewhere, are just some of the items we can subsequently pack in boxes, complete with information leaflets, measuring spoons or any other items. You can rely on our many years of experience with pharmaceuticals.

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In 6 steps your pharmaceutical products packaged

Your request

We will deal with your request immediately. After an initial response within one working day, you will receive an offer as soon as possible. 


We will compile a Basic Packaging Document to have a clear record of all agreements. 


We can take care of the entire packaging material procurement process for you. You can also handle procurement yourself and deliver the materials to us. 


You supply your pharmaceutical products in bulk and we will ensure a meticulous intake process. 



We are GMP-certified and have all the technology needed for primary and secondary packaging of your pharmaceutical products. 



We will prepare batches for shipping and deliver them to your chosen location.

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Special requests? We are the specialist you can rely on

When faced with urgent orders or specific challenges, we always rise to the occasion. Need to have pharmaceuticals repackaged or erroneous information leaflets swapped? We can handle it for you in one of our state-of-the-art cleanrooms. Deblistering capsules or tablets or packaging and labelling a small batch? We’ll take care of it for you quickly and accurately. One phone call and we’ll get to work for you. 


You supply the prescription drugs in bulk, we will take care of the rest. We can also take care of the production of over the counter (OTC) capsules.
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Tablets & Coating

You supply the prescription drugs in bulk, we will take care of the rest. We can also take care of the production of over the counter (OTC) coated tablets.
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Blister packs

We will take care of blistering and packing them in folding boxes. We can quickly & efficiently delivery blisters in virtually every possible size and shape.
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From a striking promotional pack to high-quality portion packs, we can develop and make sachets to measure for you.
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Stick packs

Stick packs are practical, hygienic and offer a lot of creative possibilities. Also in small batches from 10,000 stick packs.
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Glass or plastic jars, with a screw cap or a push cap, including labelling and packing in (display) boxes. We can take care of it all.
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Packaging under ideal conditions: GMP

In producing your pharmaceutical products, you adhere to the most stringent guidelines. When it comes to packaging, we set ourselves the same high standards. We have high-grade machines and processes, expertly qualified people and are GMP-certified. We have furthermore been granted an opiates permit and never cease to explore new possibilities, even when this requires a broader permit. Your wish is our command. 

The benefits of Ambi Pack

  • Fast: instant offer, quick feedback, and short lead times
  • Flexible: large quantities as well as small batches
  • Certified: GMP permit and opiates permit
  • Ease: one-stop partner for packaging, logistics, support and advice

Questions or need advice?

You can contact us for a no-obligation introduction by calling: +31 78 682 0738. Alternatively, leave your details below and we will contact you. Together we will find a solution for your production.